Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dairy free, gluten free chocolate cake (By Nigella)

Recently I've been on a healing journey to get better faster from rather a lot of complications and issues arising from my birth.

One of the things the midwives suggested was to limit gluten and cut out dairy so that's what I've been trying to do for the last few weeks. The good news is I actually feel great and I'm definitely healing! So far going dairy free hasn't been that hard. I mostly enjoy milk in my coffee and on my breakfast and so I've just swapped out normal milk for almond milk or coconut milk. Both are tasty and not too different to regular milk. In saying that I do miss cheese but I think as long as it's not cows milk it's totally fine. Bring on the Buffalo mozzarella I say!

Here is quick and delicious cake I tried out recently. It's an "Olive oil chocolate cake" by Nigella.

I don't care what people say about her and think she's fabulous! I mean anyone who can pull off that about of hair and cooks with such sass and style is awesome in my book!

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Life update and getting back into cooking and baking

Hi Blogger friends!

Holy moly it's been almost 6 months since my last blog post (sorry about that). I think that is the longest stretch I've ever gone! Firstly, I think a lot of my absence has been due to my insane busy-ness at work and then adding pregnacy into the mix has really thrown me off my blogger game. However, I'm pleased to annouce that I'm now resting and relaxing for our little ones arrival.

Only 3 weeks to go!

So what have I been up to lately you might be wondering? I think after working well into my 8th month of pregnacy I've mostly just been sleeping Zzzz and unwinding from a full on year of teaching. I've also been enjoying simple things again like cooking. I'd been so crippled with morning scikness for a lot of my pregancy poor James was cooking almost every night for us after work and I've been enjoying having the energy and time to make dinners agian. I've been trying out some new clean recipes like this yummy mince and cabbage stirfry as well as some baking treats like homemade afghans.

We've also had some new neighbours move in up the road and they've brought the most beauitful ragdoll kitty cat with them. Not only is he stunning but he's also very cheeky and if you have your door open he'll stroll right in making himself comfortable on your couch or rug. Yesterday I  heard a little meow upstairs and discovered him asleep on our bed!! Needless to say I was not impressed! He gave me a look like ' Excuse me! I'm sleeping here' The cheek!. Look at that little face though...

In terms of pregnant life.. I'm starting to get to the point of being 'Over it!' which I'd heard about from a lot of people but have only really discovered in these final weeks. I think it's just got a bit annoying not being able to pick up things or reach for things because your bellies in the way. It's a pretty weird feeling really. I'm also finding driving tricky because I'm short so ordinarily I have to move the seat forward to reach the pedals except now my belly gets stuck between the steering wheel and the seat and I'm like this beached whale trying to undo my seatbelt- ugh.

I'm really looking forward to that very first moment of meeting our baby and I think that is acting as the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I am however loving coffee agian which I'm very pleased about. The very thought of it made me physically ill for about 4 months and for this long time coffee lover that was pretty rough!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cravings and Christmas treats

I haven't been baking in a little while because I just haven't had that much energy really but lately I've been feeling a bit better (early pregnancy sucks!) A few things I've been really loving and I think help my morning sickness are....

Lemons! I just really love them at the moment. Lift seems to be my absolute favourite drink as well as lemonade ice blocks and lime juice. I've been dying to make a lemon meringue pie but it takes a long time so perhaps for Labour weekend? We'll see.

Oranges! For about 2 weeks all I could really keep down was bread, crackers and oranges. They have become my new best friend. Even orange flavoured things seem to really help me like orange zest in muffins or orange chocolate. So far I'm finding this whole pregnancy thing is pretty weird and I feel anything but 'glowing'. I'm now well into my second trimester and I can only hope that feeling good phase is very near!

In other news I've noticed some of my favourite places have their Christmas ranges out already (hooray!). I LOVE Christmas! Lush has some adorable bath bombs which I can't wait to try. The penguin is my fav and it's citrus scented!Totally need to get one of those.
Ezibuy also has an adorable Christmas selection this year. Plus some yummy looking treats like these pretty chocolate bars and lovely decorations which I think I'll be purchasing. This Woodland one is so cute!

Hopefully I'll be back to my old baking self soon... I'll keep you posted blogger friends xx


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Easy Key Lime Pie

After going a bit OTT with my lime supply for our 30th party I decided to bake a delicious Key Lime pie to use them up. Technically it wasn't a real 'key lime pie' because I didn't use Key Limes but it was still zesty, limey and tasty! I've made one once before in a jar but I much preferred this one, plus there was heaps which meant we could enjoy it all through the week.

Here's the link I used and some mouth watering pictures for you to enjoy x

This month has been super cold in our flat and at my work and I think just generally everywhere in Wellington really. Thank goodness we decided to buy a heater for our room because some nights have actually been too cold to sleep without it on! We've been enjoying lots of hot chocolate in front of the TV at night to stay toasty. I've also been wearing these amazing warm fluffy socks my husbands Aunt in Scotland sent me -so warm and cute! How have you been staying warm friends?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Our 30th Birthday Party

A couple of weekend's ago we celebrated our 30th Birthday's, Mexican style! We decided to do a joint party because our Birthday's are only 2 months apart and also it just seemed like a fun idea for a mid winter party. What better way to celebrate than to dress up and pretend like it's not really freezing outside!

We turned our flat into a little piece of Mexico with lots of bright coloured decorations, delicious homemade Mexican fare and of course a pretty rad and appropriately themed cake. If you didn't know already I love coconut and this cake was a great way for me to make a cake I'd always wanted to try! It was called the 'You put the lime in the coconut cake'. I used Rachel Allen's recipe and got my inspiration for the cake from Pinterest. I was so pleased with the cake, I had done a test run first to make sure it was really delicious and then whipped it up the morning of the party. Luckily for us our beautiful friends decided to come down especially from Auckland and spent most of their Saturday helping us prep the food and drinks which was an incredible help! The party was everything I think we had hoped it would be. We had so much fun and it was really great to see lots of our friends  (some of who we hadn't seen since our move back to Wellington last November). For added fun factor we decided to make a photo booth in our home by sticking up some crepe paper streamers and providing a few props. It made for some hilarious photo opportunities throughout the night and now we have some great photo memories to treasure!

Here are a few...

 I made the tiny bunting myself from washi tape and some paper straws, it worked really well and was much cheaper than the bunting you can buy online from cake shops.

Here some of the snacks we made... The tiny taco cups were my favourite.

Cheers to being 30 (almost) and to great friends <3


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